Friday, November 09, 2007

You carry the coins

They are floating about in mid air
And some even float up to the sky
We breathe them in and yet noting happens
Until Jane falls dead and they sprout in her ear
They take over her hands and lift them of their own free will
Jane was fast asleep when I left her
Now she is awake and exploding
Spreading her soul to the heavens and the earth
They steal my bread and steal my socks and shoes
I should wear a mask for sure
My body will soon die
At the foot of my bed
With a bottle of wine stuck to my hand
I’m never getting up from here
I’m never getting up from here
I listen to the treetops shake
Cold and afraid
One day they will all come crashing down
On my two story apartment
Dear god, beat them to the punch
Beat me into lunch
And let me survive another day here
With at least a single thought in my head
“Bend right over and shake” say the squirrels to the bush
They are just outside my windows
As the water slowly rises to drown us all
And together
Together we sleep
Good night will come, as it always does

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No more

"Good night to the world" says the sorry blog as it fades into the stars......

Thursday, June 07, 2007

*cough* sputter and shake, goes the way of your life

If only love was real
I would have the mind to steal it from your hands
And whisk it away into the night
With a laugh and a gesture
I would walk along the railroad tracks
Remembering the day when
You came along
When my world flipped upside
And afternoons become midnights
The streetlights hang
Lucid and dreary in the damp night air
In the middle of nowhere
The slightest hint
And kiss of the wind
Lifts you off your feet
And kisses your neck
Waiting for, wanting to, and living just to feel
The touch of a hand
And the meeting of fingernails
Digging to the spine

And tonight
When the stars don’t seem so far away
Coming closer
To death
You remember your place
Infinity, against the time you take up
a blip

In the length of it all

Maybe you are just too tired
Or maybe the fear takes over
Kneeling down, your shoes bend with the weight
And the sky above your head opens up
And reaches out its soft, fuzzy fingers
To take you home
To take you where we sleep
When we retire to our dreams
When the casket closes
And you open your eyes.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Quote me

"You mostly look up to single people,
yet you mostly envy couples."

"When you're God, everybody looks familiar"

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hitler, (By the way, I had deja vu while editing this)

this is how it all ends
when the butterfly bandages let loose
and slip away
each moment in your memory
is fading
your childhood disappears
computers are running our senate
reading your mind
as the ice cream truck drives by

the distraction takes you away
but the television brings you back
the fathers of this country
would turn in their graves
cry in their palms
if they knew what we have done

profit this
and mayhem that
implant a government issued speaker
in your living room
in your kitchen
we wake up all your children
we goodnight all your grandparents
and kiss your wife

the newspaper tells you not to worry
your stocks are looking good
the children are in proper care
when they wheel you away to the funny farm
and the ice cream truck again

here you are
here we all are under
we breathe
hello, Mr. President
goodnight to your country

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nuts, now that's nuts!

this is what the world is coming to
we are all insane
and our neighbors are being slaughtered
and raped

i sit alone and drink
music softens life's cruel grip on my soul
and i am safe

while your babysitter is molesting your children

you interact with these people very day
these are the people who you stand behind in line
at the grocery store
these are the people eating next to you at restaurants
these are the people smiling as you pass on the streets
these are the people stopping at the red lights
and turning left at the arrow
the people washing their floors and making dinner
they are doing laundry
they are taking out their garbage
you live with these people
they are surrounding you
they have deep dark secrets
they witnessed a murder
they are hiding bones
and flesh
and a new found fetish
in their basements
they are collecting fingernail clippings
they are collecting their hair
they are masturbating while you come home from work
they are thinking about you
watching you from the window, the slightly cracked blinds

these are your friends
these are your coworkers
your pals
and your associates

they are completely crazy

are you scared?
i am.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Life completely and utterly blows.

here i am, sitting
and the world is spinning around my ankles
tears well up in my eyes
i drift off and away

he takes my hand and leads
this tidal wave nightmare is over
my hurricane heart can fade out

dear guardian angel,
take your steps slow and sure
get to me
no matter what may become of you
get to me and take me away
we can cross this scenery like its a frozen clock
a stopped watch
a monochromatic painting
a pixelated nightmare

my poor eyes
and my poor emotions
creeping away
and leaving not a print
we slide under banisters
through walls and halls
this dream is over

take a deep breath
remember and appreciate.